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WIN BIG with Clinton Sparks

Discover the most powerful strategies and winning formulas that the biggest Artists in the world use to get heard, build a brand, and make a living doing what they love. 

10 Traits That Made Me Millions in the Music Business

Proven traits that have not only built me a lucrative career in the music business, but are used by superstars and experts who have continued massive success.


3-Day Winners Workshop

The Winners Workshop is a simple and clear way to understand how to turn your dreams into a business, that allows you to to make real money while working smarter and more effectively

10 Traits Day Planner

An organized Day Planner to keep you on the right track and accountable. 

10 Traits Goal Keeper

An organized Goal Keeper to keep you on the right track and accountable. 

The Music Business Road Map

THIS is THE step by step road map you MUST follow to to become successful. If you miss one of these steps, it could mean failure. YOU NEED TO HANG THIS UP IN YOUR OFFICE, STUDIO OR BEDROOM. 

6 Steps to Success in Music

This 6 step weekly and monthly checklist will teach you and keep you on track and focused on what you must do needs to be done to maximize your impact

8 Ways To Engage on Social Media

This will teach you the guaranteed effective ways to build an audience & the purpose behind these proven methods. 

100+ Digital Service Providers

Over 100 DSPs where you should be distributing your music. 

250+ Record Labels

Some of the best record labels to reach out to and network with. 


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