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The newly detected world, known as Barnard's Star b, remains a planet candidate for now. But the researchers who spotted it are confident the alien planet will eventually be confirmed. Barnard's Star is a red dwarf about one-sixth as massive as Earth's sun and just 3 percent as luminous. Astronomers think Barnard's Star may be about 10 billion years old — twice as old as our sun. Dubbed Barnard's star b, the potential world is at least 3.2 times the mass of Earth and orbits the star every 233 days, they report today in the journal Nature.

A NEARBY “super Earth” planet could serve as a home for alien life, scientists have revealed. Barnard b is a recently discovered planet orbiting Barnard’s Star, making it the seco. In a new study, scientists have highlighted the possibility of finding life around the nearest single star to the Sun. Situated a mere six light years away, Barnard’s Star – which is named after American astronomer E. E. Barnard – is home to a recently discovered super-Earth planet known as Barnard b.

A new study conducted on the Super-Earth known as Barnard b, or GJ 699, suggests that if conditions are favorable, there is a very good chance that alien life may exist here. The nearest single star to Earth, Barnard’s Star, could be the place to look for alien life. A super-Earth, three times the size of our own world, might be capable of sustaining life.

01.01.2020 · Real UFO Crashes Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & Tell What, Has NASA Discovered An Alien Civilization, Top 10 Ways NASA is Hiding Alien Life From Us. Super-Earth Located 6 Light Years Away Could Harbor Primitive Alien Life.

Planet di Bintang Barnard. Barnard b yang mengitari bintang Barnard, ditemukan lewat proyek Red Dots dan CARMENES, yang bertujuan mencari planet batuan pada bintang di lingkungan Matahari.Salah satu planet yang ditemukan oleh proyek Red Dots adalah Proxima b, yang mengitari bintang terdekat dari Matahari.Proxima Centauri. Barnard b or GJ 699 b is a super-Earth with a minimum of 3.2 Earth masses. It orbits its red star every 233 days near the snow-line, a distance where water freezes. It orbits its red star every 233 days near the snow-line, a distance where water freezes.

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